FASTpour a new pouring system

EuroEquip has developed during the past years a new pouring system, specially designed for high speed DISA moulding machines. Running at more than 500 mould per hour with the new machines, it is virtually impossible to pour the weight of the cluster in a short time like 5,5 seconds. Comparing with other solutions, FASTpour is more simple, cheaper and effective.

FASTpour pouring system

The principle of pouring is based on extending the pouring cup, adding a buffer of metal over the regular cup. During the transport of moulds, this buffer remain feeding the castings. In this way we can pour during 5,5 seconds, but castings are feed during 8 seconds or more. The control system is able to adjust the position of the furnace over the cup, and correct the final level of the cup as a result of the experience of the next mould.